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Stephen Samuel

I am curious by nature, constantly seeking new knowledge. I write about optimising education in formal settings and in general. I am fascinated by how we communicate both between humans and across time and space.

I live in regional Victoria on the lands of the Dja Dja Warrung in a straw-bale house that I built and regularly travel in my converted Sprinter van named “Vincent Vango”.

I write a weekly newsletter ‘Like A Metaphor’ that explores how we play with language and how we learn. 

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The Unpregnant Generation.

What Hamlet can teach us about our response to Climate Change Our reaction to the climate crisis is very Hamletesque. We know there needs to be action, and yet we do nothing

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How to understand Australians.

When, or should I say, if, you ever think of Australians, you probably think Thor, or The Hulk, or Nicole Kidman. And don’t forget about AC/DC. And if you must, the BeeGees.

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